Incident Response (IR) Program Development

We’ll perform a comprehensive assessment

Incident Response (IR) Program Development

We are experts at incident response. We respond to hundreds of computer security incidents every year. Our incident response program development services draw on that experience to compare your incident response team against leading practices and help you determine where your program needs to go — and how you can get there.

Incident Response (IR) Program Development


We’ll perform a comprehensive assessment of your existing incident response capabilities, processes and tools and develop specific, cost-effective recommendations for how you can improve your security posture. Whether it’s building an entirely new program, investing in the appropriate tools, or enhancing your processes we’ll tell you what you need to do.

  • Incident response health checks
  • Incident response program development
  • Incident response exercises

      We’ve helped develop over 100 computer incident response teams (CIRTs) across every industry sector. While CIRTs aren’t built overnight, we believe that capabilities can be developed quickly and iteratively. Unlike some firms, we don’t do long-term CIRT staffing. Our focus is on helping your CIRT show value immediately and equipping your experts to stand on their own.

      • Incident response support agreements
      • Incident response education
      • Security information and event management (SIEM) design services
      • Threat analysis & intelligence management

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