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Courses designed as preventative measures to reduce IT costs

The Ashkelon Group: Security Training

Companies lose billions of dollars per year to computer crashes, virus infections, hacking intrusions, and malicious software installations. The sad fact is that these are almost completely avoidable.

The common denominator, and indeed the one factor responsible for approximately 85-90% of all intrusions, is the person sitting at the computer. From inadvertently activating a virus from an email attachment, to accidentally clicking on an infected link on a web page, or initiating a fake “virus update” from a pop-up window, employees cost companies more money in down time and IT administration costs than all other issues combined. On the positive side, all of the above can be drastically reduced by just a few hours of simple computer training.

Our agency has developed a number of short courses from one to four hours in length, which can be tailored to any environment. These courses do not teach your employees how to use a computer, but rather informs and trains users regarding the many day to day issues that can crop up for anyone using a computer. They are then taught how to deal with these issues in such a way that ensures the utmost security for your corporate network.

The techniques taught on these courses include:

How to deal with a pop up window.
How to navigate the Internet safely.
How to identify potentially malicious code.
How to deal with email attachments.
How to keep the computer running efficiently.

Although some of the above may seem like oversimplifications, these and other simple issues are responsible for the lion’s share of compromised networks.

These courses are designed to act as preventative measures to reduce IT costs and increase employee productivity.

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