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Ashkelon Group Investigators are not simply IT professionals. They combine a synthesis of investigative resources and hardware and software essentials.  Our licensed investigators perform investigations offering proper evidence handling and preservation. We service all manner of clientele from government agencies to law firms to private citizens.

We have assisted the US and the International Community in many types of digital analyses and computer forensics cases including, but not limited to:  Network Intrusion, Cyber Combat, Data Theft, Reverse Engineering of Malware, Software Infringement, Fraud, Breach of Contract, Embezzlement, Trademark Infringement, Copyright Infringement, Conspiracy, Homicide, Possession of Child Pornography, Trade Secret Misappropriation, Data Misappropriation, Stalking, Asset Locating, Wrongful Termination, and Sexual Harassment.

Forensic Computer Investigations conducted by licensed private investigators
Priority on site data capture allowing your client to begin using the computer in question immediately
Court recognized expert forensic investigators
Evidence that frequently cannot even be produced by your opposition is now available to you
Evidence can be collected wherever the computer/storage device is located
Evidence stored at our location to protect chain of custody
Cost effective evidence collection without parallel

Our investigative approach to computer forensics is unlike many of the “computer experts” in North America. As licensed private investigators, we approach each computer forensic case as we would any other type of investigation. Forensic software is a vital part of this type of investigation, but it alone does a case make. We apply our training and our investigative mind set to every computer forensic case. Our investigative advantage is unparalleled to our clients in the US, and the UN.

There are four very solid components that our forensic specialists possess. We have an absolute understanding of how all the parts of a computer work together to place the data on the screen. We completely grasp how a hard drive works and how, where, and why data is saved to a hard drive or deleted from a hard drive. The next component has to be a diverse arsenal of forensic software, hardware, and the intimate knowledge of how to use it. We have a variety of programs enabling us to determine which program is best suited in each unique situation. The third component is the investigative mindset. We have a solid investigative background making us more effective in this field. Our licensed private investigators have this type of training, experience, and expertise. The final and probably most important component is the ability to communicate. “If the client cannot understand the technicalities of what is going on, then our work product is useless.” We pride ourselves in being able to explain some of the most complex computer functions in easy-to-understand layman’s terms. We consult with our clients so we know as much about the case as we can, saving you time, and completing the investigation as soon as possible.

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  • Digital Analysis
  • Counter Data Surveillance
  • Matters involving alleged criminal activity
  • Theft of Source Code
  • Penetration Testing
  • Legal Data Recovery
  • Law Enforcement Services
  • Email Tracing
  • Pre-Dismissal Lawsuits
  • Electronic Evidence
  • Litigation Support
  • Internet Profiling
  • Expert Testimony
  • Threat Assessment Management
  • Network Architecture
  • Effective Network Protocol
  • Workplace improprieties
  • Theft of Intellectual Property
Our Licensed Detectives offer a wide range of computer security consulting and forensic services.
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